The STANLEY Fulfillment System, or SFS, is our way of business and our competitive advantage.

It is a mindset, innovating how all work gets done to deliver value to our customers and shareholders. SFS propagates a business culture to achieve world class excellence in customer satisfaction, and supports this culture with world class processes and systems—providing the necessary tools to achieve our business objectives through the involvement of all employees.

SFS is key to our ability to excel in increasing efficiencies, integrating acquisitions and growing our free cash flow base. In 2013 we increased total company working capital turns 5% from 7.6 to 8.0. As we march toward our goal of 10 turns, we will continue to unlock and create significant value going forward.

SFS is evolving too, as a breakthrough business model. SFS principles are now being applied to areas such as new product development and our environmental, health and safety performance. SFS is key to our rapid progress in turning our supply chain into a Glass Pipeline—collaborative, integrated and completely transparent.

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